Architect's Vision

Al Maha Island location can be an advantage for local and tourist visitors, the features we designed for this fascinating island to bring comfort and fun time to its visitors. We have planned the Winter Wonderland the main recreation for kids and families to enjoy the games and rides that are considered an international attraction. The Giant Wheel, a gigantic vertically fit wheel circling with its carts and marvelous lights, is spotted from all over the city, driving life into the spaces while inviting the surroundings to share the activities. The luxury of dining while surrounded by the peaceful water view is made available with a number of restaurants that provide different choices from around the world marking it as an international quality food attraction.
Two public beaches that come with the convenience of awesome beach clubs and restaurants. The well-allotted bungalows will be the attraction to provide comfort and privacy to special visitors that could use the facility on a daily or weekly basis. Visitors will have easy access to park their cars with convenience to reach all parts of the islands throughout the facility, the visitors parking can accommodate up to 800 vehicles while some private designated locations, will have the luxury to use assigned private parking, also the circulation to reach all point for pedestrians, cyclists, jogging and electric cart users for all points.


Situated on Al Maha Island consisting of 230,000m² with one convenient connection to the mainland, it has 2 beach areas, one man-made cape for marina docks.
The winter wonderland has seven zones of outdoor entertainment that includes F&B kiosks, the outdoor large games selection was picked carefully to fit the area’s climate conditions. Additional features such as beach huts, clubhouse, set of international food restaurants, and contemporary home pods on cape road.
The presence of the winter wonderland will be an added valuable tourist destination in Qatar.

Elegancia Grp.
250 ha
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